Sunning in Sirolo

Yesterday, we decided if this place had a cutting board and kitchen towels (and better AC), it would be perfect.

Still working on the AC…in tutti I’ilalia…

Moka is brewing, I am writing, Danita is on her run…a perfect morning at the villa.

When the runner returns, she brings with her some treats from town. While enjoying our breakfast, a man enters our outdoor entry way. I wave, as several had entered mistakenly, but he motions me to come to him. I walk out as he is tries to make me understand something about fiori…he can tell I’m not comprensione and says, “Uno momento”, jogging away. I followed thinking he wants me to identify something. At a distance, through the gate, I see a girl come in with a bouquet of fiori…and it hits me. I exclaim, “OHHH MMYYYY GGOOOSHHHH!!”, a little more excitedly than usual for me. From inside the villa, Danita, concerned, says, “What?!” “You’re getting flowers,” I respond as I watch it all play out.



“How the heck did he manage this!? Communicating with someone here is difficult enough when you are standing right in front of them…but communicating over a phone line thousands of miles away…he’s determined.” -Danita J

Out with the fake old, in with the new…

With this bit of excitement under our wings, we head to town to find la spiaggia.



A local advised us to take the bus to la spiaggia…so we wait.



We purchase due sedie e un ombrello and have a wonderfully relaxing afternoon.





With our Kindles and due Spritz…we were set.

Around 5:00, we started wondering how long the buses would run. If we missed it, the trek would be up, up, up. So we gathered our things including our nuovi asciugamani and head to the fermata dell’autobus…and wait. Experience has proven that even if only a few people are waiting 20 minutes before a bus comes, there could be 80 by the time it arrives. And that is pretty much what happened. But…we’ve learned to shove on.

Not the first time (or the last) we’ve been on an over capacity transportation vehicle this trip.

Our villa is situated right out of the main part of Sirolo, more on the edge of a neighborhood, and edge of a cliff. The walk back removes you from the few tourist here, (we rarely hear people speaking English), but you are close enough to walk right back for aperitivo and dinner. Which we did.

This has been the only disappointment of Sirolo so far…good Spritz in town, poor, poor aperitivo snacks. Roaming around a bit later for dinner was also a let down. We’ve decided the aperitivo we prepared last night was the best in town.

Plans for domani? Different beach, dinner at the villa.

2 thoughts on “Sunning in Sirolo

  1. I Definitely want a Copy of the “Spiaggia Ombrello” to Frame.
    Also, by now I am Craving a (or due or di piu) SPRITZ(es) !!

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