Paradiso in Sirolo


Grab your bags guys because we have another day of treno travel ahead of us. Ma prima, we need a bit of breakfast and to say our arrivedercis to Concerto.


When the taxi arrived, the discussion was already how hot the day was to be. Driving to the stazione, I witnessed how far I had roamed in hopes of finding more mosaics. No wonder I was hot, tired and “cranky”. But “let’s” not forget…I am over that.

At the stazione, we did more rounds of the Stazione Shuffle. These treno bound for Ancona are popular! Time to shove on…See you in Ancona, “Most likely.”



The train ride is about due hours with 10 stops or so along the way. We are once again in the entry way for the first hour and a half or so, then as people uscita, we get seats. Out the windows, we get our first glimpses of the Adriatic. It is lovely…however, I have yet to see any waters that rival the Mediterranean Sea at Cinque Terre.

Arriving in Ancona, we still have another couple of modes of transportation to experience before arriving to our room in Sirolo. Adding to the 1sts of this trip…I have rented a car!! I am very excited, but of course, a bit nervous as well. I figure this is the way to give it a whirl, having a companion to navigate as I drive.

Anyway, the car rental spot next to the stazione is not open on Sunday’s so we need to get to the rental spot at the airport. As we head toward the uscita, I begin….just begin to mention our option of taking a bus…”Nope, not gonna happen.” -Danita J.

We easily grab a taxi, he too talks about the heat and humidity today as he is loading our bags. We hop in and say “areoporto”. We begin to drive…and drive…and drive. I am getting anxious and confused as we are looping back to areas we just came from via treno. I figured there must have been a stop closer to the areoporto than Ancona proper.

Arrive areoporto. Taxi driver let’s us out as I tell him we are only here to get a rent car, then we are off to Sirolo. Kind uomo that he is, he begins to give me directions to Sirolo… What route to take, which to avoid, what to do at each roundabout…I jot these tips down for a little bit, then just give up, writing “yeah right” as he speaks.

Enter areoporto. Small and completely empty…wait, there is one window open at one car rental agency…but it is not Hertz. By the way, I did call the Hertz number earlier letting them know we were experiencing some treno difficulties and we were running a bit late, but that we would be there.

We approach the closed counter, I dig for my paperwork, Danita calls the number. I hear the word “unfortunately” from the other end of the line and my heart sinks. Then I hear him say he will return after 3:00. We wait.


All goes well with the rental. I set aside my dream of driving a Fiat 500 manual shift in Italy and go with an automatic. The way travel can go in Italia…I decide to lower my chances of issues. We get a dark silver VW Golf. Cute enough and drives well.

As my dad advised, we took a couple of roundabouts due volte, but we arrived at the gates of Villa Vetta Marina, nessus problema. I had also called Antonio of the villa earlier, letting him know our arrival time was to be a bit delayed. He said he would meet us at the gate…




I can see Antonio through the gates and excitedly let him know we have arrived. He gives me a Un momento hand as he is giving another guest specifics, then he comes to us.

We pull in with “ease”. As Danita mentioned earlier, “The streets in Italy, were not made for cars.” Antonio gives us the quick, solo Italian tour. When we would ask something in English or my molto limited Italian…we would just get blank stares.

Antonio exits, we unpack and check out this molto Bella place.



Moka and wine glasses are found…we will stay!

I know I cannot adequately describe this villa. It and its surroundings are simply poetic. Everything is so lovely inside and out.

On the way here, I shared with Danita that I have not been here, I have not been to the Adriatic, I found this place and it looks amazing, but I hedged, as I braced myself, that sometimes, (I know…I’m bursting your bubbles here…) sometimes, things don’t turn out like you imagine. This, mio amici, is not one of those times. YAY!!!

Andiamo soul Mercato.

Even having to pay for your grocery cart here in Italy is fun.

Piccolo mercato, but everything we need is ecco.
We grab burrata, pomodori, fflllaaaattt-a bbrreeaaadd-a, olives, another yummy looking formaggio and vino…certo…due bottiglie…we are currently researching Vini branching Della regions Marche…


We head back to our villa, Danita goes for a run while I prepare our aperitivo…ah the happy couple…


I will tell you, Danita’s last words as she tied her running shoes were, “This is a perfect time for a run…it looks like it is going to rain later.” And rain it did.

The first big clap of thunder drew me to the window. More thunder and lightening followed. I considered jumping in the car and going to find mi amica, but I do not know the area, nor have any idea of what route she may have taken. She’s a big girl, so I wait, enjoying the storm as I do.

She returns, soggy but smiling. We sit under the cover of our portico loving every moment and morsel.



Mi displace**Not sure how to “bleep” words on here…**

One of life’s lessons is that with every storm…or at least most…a rainbow can be found.

I told you this place was poetic.

If one rainbow isn’t the one you are looking for…look closer…there may be due.

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