After reading a bit in my Rick Steve’s Guide, I was ready to take a look around.
I thought it would be best if I first prepared myself for tomorrow. The plan is to catch the early (early!) bus to Amalfi. So finding the station is a must.

Ok. Found the station. Also picked up the times for my train on Sunday morning. In Roma and Capri I had 5 days to sort things out. In Sorrento, my time is already seeming short…

I went ahead and bought a 24 hour bus ticket for tomorrow.

20130628-220847.jpg Bus Stop…check.

20130628-220921.jpg Place to grab a bite to take on the bus…check. Notice the name! Ciao Mamma!
Now with tomorrow’s morning lined up and ready…I am starving. The yogurt and espresso at 9:00 am has long worn off. Rick Steve’s suggests a few places but I like the sound of the most “homey” place down by the Marina Grande…of course it is the furtherest. Andiamo!
Sights of Sorrento streets-



Yes, I am aware that these are all food. I said I was hungry. However, I could not pass this place up. It was so crisp and chic.




20130628-221646.jpg I know you cannot see in very well, but the walls are a lavender with the robin’s egg window. This is the little room where they make the coffees. Can’t you see opening a place like this in that house on the corner of Austin and ….whatever that street is that goes to HEB by Market Platz. The entire time I was there, I was imagining that. Anyone in?


20130628-221905.jpg Although I was hungry…I am thirsty too.
I walk on….

20130628-222054.jpg Oh no, a tunnel. I am NOT a big fan of tunnels. I have scary dreams about them. I start in and then decide it is long and I do not know where I am going, so I turn around. Then I see a young boy and his father starting in and I think…ok….I’ll just walk fast. So I did. And on the other side…

20130628-222301.jpg The local spiaggia and a fishing village.



Now to find Trattoria de Emilia.

20130628-222502.jpg Found it!

20130628-222543.jpg I know it is a cruddy photo, but that HAS to be Emilia in the booth!! But guess what…chiuso….until 7:00….my long face does me no good here. I do however find another route back….and…

20130628-222725.jpg more tunnels, but shorter.
On my way to my 2nd choice, Inn Bufalito. But first….the spiaggia!



And finally…



In the trattoria I see this photo…man can I relate! I love the fact that she still cares though…the title was “Broken Beauty”.


20130628-223216.jpg An espresso and time to roam a bit more.



20130628-223325.jpg Look who’s here, “The Loren”…

20130628-223358.jpg The inside of this church was the softest pink and white, like the icing of a beautiful cake. The crucifix and stations were created with inlaid wood. This type of woodwork is a specialty of Sorrento.




20130628-223558.jpg At Saint Francisco’s I walk by in time to see the bride exit and the couple’s first kiss.




20130628-223824.jpg I think this is a hotel…magical.
Now back to the pastry shop for a bit of dessert and find a spot to watch the sun set.


20130628-224010.jpg A Dali exhibit is in town.


As I walk back to the hotel, I am going against crowds of beautifully dressed people. Their perfumes and colognes fill the air. This is the time of day that I miss my family. I return to my hotel, go to my rooftop and secure a ledge for one. A beautiful, sweet ending to a day in Sorrento.



4 thoughts on “Sorrento

  1. Oh my. I look forward to your blog popping up and promptly stop whatever to sit and escape.
    I am so touched by the photos and your incredible views as you turn a corner or emerge from that tunnel! I see the precious details like “Rita” on the bag/napkin.
    Thank you for the gift of your thoughts and words. Xo,Carolyn

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