Arrivederci Capri! Ciao Sorrento

First, let me apologize for any mistakes in my first entry this morning. I usually try to read over and make a few corrections before publishing, but I was in a bit of a rush. My plan was to catch the hydrofoil to Sorrento around 10:00.
I first settled my bill with Franco…375,00 euro for 5 nights! That converts to $489.00. $97.80 per night. That includes, waters, wine, limoncello, breakfast, laundry, shuttle/accompaniment, all the ciliegie and cetriolo (cherries and cucumbers) one could want, not to mention Franco and his famiglia!! “My GAAWWWDDD, can you imagine?” to put in Franco’s words.
I secured this reservation through Franco back in November 2012. He told me I was the first reservation of 2013 and that he would give me the 2012 rate and the very best room. I never knew until this morning what that rate would be.
Franco asked that I write a nice little recommendation on “The Trip Advisor”. “Can you imagine, Paj how nice-a your writing will be since you-a are-a a teacher!” I look forward to doing just that, but in the meantime, if you are in Capri….you know where to stay, Il Giardino dell Arte….and ask for Franco! Be sure to tell him Paj sent you.

20130628-122935.jpg Pietro loading my bags.

Franco accompanied Melinda (a young Swede) and me to the boat….all the way to the boat.

20130628-123108.jpg The boat from Sorrento arrives…

20130628-123131.jpg The boat to Sorrento departs.

20130628-123221.jpg One last look way up at Tiberio’s Villa. See the tiny, skinny statue sticking up on the edge?….yes I walked there! Molto pedi..

20130628-123332.jpg Melinda and…some Italian boat guy…he was working her very hard…you can tell she is trying not to laugh. She took a photo of him earlier, he asked to look at it. She told me (she speaks Swedish, Italian, German, French and English!!) he said he looked like a model in it and could she send it to him…he wrote down his email for her!

20130628-123645.jpg Arriving in Sorrento.


From the port, I grabbed the bus as my hotel had suggested. Asked if it were going to Piazza Tasso, Si. Hopped off at Piazzo Tasso. Asked a shop owner, “Scusi Signor. Quale strada Via Maio”? I followed the hand signals there…look for number 14 and Ecco!

oooo, I get to get buzzed in…


When I buzzed in Antonito asked, “You-a have-a big-a luggage?” One I replied.
Slap, slap, slap the flip-flops hurried down the stairs. Antonito arrives. He takes my luggage and says it will be brought up because the B&B is on the 6th floor (Just like in Roma, but no elevator). Then, Antonito tells me to follow him to the courtyard. He introduces me to his Mamma pointing up…”Ciao Paj! Buongiorno!!” Mamma is yelling down from the terrace above.
Then I see a rope with a hook and another rope with a small bucket. I follow the ropes and they lead to Mamma.

20130628-124445.jpg Antonito finds nothing strange about this….except my laughter….

I am to meet my luggage and Mamma on the 6th floor.

When I arrive, Paola, aka Mamma, greets me at the door. She shows me my room and then around the B&B.

20130628-124756.jpg My room.


20130628-124827.jpg My entertainment center?

20130628-124855.jpg musica e film….

20130628-124947.jpg The shared kitchen. “Everything-a is free-a. Wine, snacks, a lemon…”

20130628-125033.jpg View from the terrace off the kitchen.

And then Paola encourages me to go to the rooftop, “Look, go, prego!” she says pointing to her eyes. My 360 view.




I know nothing of Sorrento, so it is time to read a bit, look at a map and then Andiamo!!
ci vediamo tra un po ‘

5 thoughts on “Arrivederci Capri! Ciao Sorrento

  1. Oh my gosh! This post sounds like something from a movie! Maybe a little Eat, Pray, Love! Incredible!! You MUST get someone to take pics of you. And when they do, I think you should show your best model pose. Priceless!

  2. Hey Paige!!
    Shayna gave me the website today because I had misplaced the one you gave me. I’m so excited to read all about your adventures!!! It will be my reading tonight! Hope you are having a blast!

  3. I am excited to see what you have to say about Sorrento!! I liked it and it was easy to find our way everywhere. We saw bride and groom and followed them and the photographer for a while and took some neat-a pictures.
    Stay safe, love you.

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