Conversazioni con Franco

This is the last morning I will enjoy my breakfast on this side of the Bay of Napoli.

20130628-085147.jpg Pietro is confused by my request of only fruit, yogurt and espresso. “Basta?” he questions.
Franco will be accompanying me to the port in about 45 minutes, so I will try to make this quick. Just a couple of notes before I leave Capri.

As I would walk to and from town each day, there was always a scattering of workers “working” on some aspect of the “road”. Imagine my surprise, and his utter confusion at my surprise, when a worker I had seen every day (very solemn guy) turned and I was greeted with…

He kept motioning me to get out of the way because there was another “truck” trying to get through. No way I was not going to get a picture of him….so Roll Tide from Capri. Oh they are going to miss me here…
Back to the guesthouse….
When I arrived yesterday, Franco was just finishing some work in his garden. “My Gawwwdd Paj! You see me like this….You don’t mind!?” He had on jeans and a white undershirt.
I asked him if I could get a photo with him this evening. “I go change imejiately Paj. Francesca will take our photograph!” Francesca rolls her eyes (often).
Franco reappears.

Then the conversations begin. Again, I cannot begin to share everything with you…during his speeches, I would tell myself to remember what he said, how he said it…I even took some quick notes afterwards, but I am “enough silly” and I cannot remember it all. Here is just a sampling-
I asked Franco what all he grows in his garden, “Come! I will show you.” While showing me, there is a story for everything. How “The Great Grandfather” told him to put the oils on the figs so they will ripen 15 days early. “Fifteen days Paj…can you imagine!?” I asked him if he does that every year, “I will tell-a you-a the truth Paj…” Fair enough.


When I see the grapes, I ask if they make wine. “Yes, but I will tell you the truth Paj. Here in Capri, we make our wine, and we drink-a our wine….but I will tell you, here in Capri…we are ashamed of our wine…we are ashamed to offer to others.”
As we pass apricots, “Here…Paj….I pick-a this one for you….wait….no…this one is better….ok…both”

20130628-090540.jpg At this point I notice Franco has a little Kirk Douglas going on no?
Then the conversation turns to golf-a….sore subject….”I tell you Paj, these people of Capri are enough silly….we are enough silly I tell you. ” He goes on to share the “Revolution” of some wanting a golf-a course-a….a gentleman’s sport-a and then some silly, stupids do not.
I tell him maybe he should run for Mayor……”Oh my GAWWWD no Paj, I tell you….I cannot go to the square for five minutes….I do not have stupido written here.” Pointing to his forehead…
And my personal favorite…the conversation regarding his battle with Anacapri and better lighting for the road to the guesthouse. First he is told he can put in a private line….he tells the man that is crazy. Then the man suggests that “Since Franco…you only-a have five-a rooms-a,…why do you not buy five torches and give them to your guests?” To this Franco replies, “Well….I tell him, if theesa were Africa…yes that would be a fine solution….but we-a are-a not-a in Africa!”
I laughed and laughed.
It is now time for me to pack up and be accompanied…..I have LOVED Capri and I will return!


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