Un po ‘ di Piu

As I mentioned earlier, my internet here on the mountain is going to be a bit less predictable than in Roma. I was fortuna in Roma. I could hear many others discuss the patchiness of their services.
So from Anacapri, I will write when I can. I do find it helpful to get down my thoughts and daily excursions as soon as possible, as they tend to roll over one another.
Here are a few of my “breadcrumbs” from yesterday’s walk.


20130624-094809.jpg The streets…AND

20130624-094836.jpg My driver (from lunch yesterday) texting while driving…not just an American fault.



20130624-094955.jpgStreet Art

20130624-095042.jpgTHE cutest logo on one of the beautiful doors of Capri.
And my favorite…

20130624-095248.jpg Isn’t it meraviglioso to have/have had fathers like we do!

1 thought on “Un po ‘ di Piu

  1. Love the “Thanks Daddy” sign. It made me smile and weep at the same time. I looked up the translation for meraviglioso. I smiled when I saw it– wonderful, marvelous. It was a song in the play you and I saw on our trip to NYC except it was ‘s wonderful, ‘s marvelous. Good times!

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