Lunedi Mattina

I woke up at 7:00 am, earlier than I wanted. I checked the time and thought, “Who cares what time it is. I can do whatever I want.” So I closed my eyes again.
That lasted all of 2 minutes. Without having walked the area in the morning yet, I could not wait. But first to catch up from last night. So I sat on the terrace. Pietro, Franco’s grandson came and asked me if I was ready for breakfast. Then he brought this…

I enjoyed bits and pieces and then packed away for a future snack. Meanwhile, Franco was doing a bit of trimming in the garden and presented me with an apricot. “This is very fresh. Here is the apricot.” Complete with a leaf and a few cherries.

My only plan for today was to not have a plan. I knew I wanted to eat from the streets and not in a restaurant. So I walked to town with the locals.


20130624-143753.jpgRush Hour.



20130624-143921.jpg A few of my neighbors.

20130624-143952.jpg A baby crying in Italian!

20130624-144031.jpg And Anacapri.

20130624-144105.jpg The Butcher.


20130624-144149.jpg The Baker where I bought my fried heaven, I mean calzone.


20130624-144329.jpg The Markets.

20130624-144429.jpg This translates to “Holy Jesus Face Protector”…not sure if that is a brand of scooter shield or just a good sticker to always have…

A nice spot for lunch. I stopped into the same espresso bar where I bought my wine last evening and the guy who waited on me asked me, “Signora, how was your wine last night?” His name, Fabrizio.



As I mentioned before….the calzone was my second favorite food I have had on the trip. I so wished for my family then. The scent alone, before it even made it to my mouth, made me so glad I had an address for the bakery where I bought it…then the salty, oily light, light crunch and the pillowy dough inside….and that was before I got to the prosciutto and cheese!
After that, a bit more exploring before heading back.

There was an episode of “Cooking with Cleavage” (thanks Joe Cohn) where Giada was visiting Capri. During her visit she had a pair of sandals made for her… Antonio Viva. Antonio has made sandals for Giada, Jackie Kennedy Onassis and many more.

What a character this guy is! He was telling me which sandals suited me best. He had one for me to try for size. I put it on and he said, “Oh…that is wrong. You have invented a NEW STYLE!”

20130624-150539.jpg I think this is my choice for Avery and myself. When I told him I needed 2 pairs, he asked who the other was for. I showed him a photo of Avery and Dalton. He said, ” Lei e BELLA! Is her boyfriend Italiano?” I laughed and said, “No, that is my son!” Good times with Antonio!
He is working on the sandals now. No name, no down payment, just, “When you return, we will have a drink.” Notice his Campari and cigarettes in the photo above. I had to be at just the right angle to capture the real Antonio!

I am hoping Blaine and Dalton are game for a pair of these!! Notice the AV on the top.
As I walked back to the guesthouse, I scoped out a place for an evening dessert.




2 thoughts on “Lunedi Mattina

  1. Your description of the calzone had my mouth watering! Your posts and pics make me feel like I am there. Thanks for sharing! It lets me “travel” to Italy for free! Happy you are having such a good time!

  2. Ciao PAige! I don’t know if you are anywhere near Brescia…but just in case here is the info
    Matteo’s restaurant is located in Brescia . The name is TRATTORIA DUE STELLE…
    Ciao ciao

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