Addio Monterosso, Ciao Firenze

I know you are probably tired of the sea, but I had to stop a couple of times during my walk to the stazione.

20130709-225305.jpg These people know how to start their day!

Well, I have on my “traveling pants” and that can only mean one thing…time to ride the rails.
As I sit at the Monterosso stazione, I love watching people’s reactions as they exit their train and see the sea for the first time. I like knowing others will take my place, appreciating this treasure of Italy’s.
While I am sitting, I also ponder “fashion”…
A hat in Monterosso seems to be a must…but DO NOT worry about what cappello is on your head…it seems not to matter; lace…sure, flags….why not, ribbons and bows….all the better.
Also, if you suddenly change your mind on what you should be wearing….by all means…change….right there on the platform…it is ok if you have a swimsuit on under…but if you don’t….no worries….

I board my train, 1st class this time…a relative term by the way…
As the light in the train creates a rhythm, shifting from tunnel to blue, I look out the window…no longer are these towns points on a map, but now, moments in my memory.

Looking out the window at the Tuscan countryside, I make a mental note to check out what towns are between Empoli and Signa. In Piza, the change of trains was a snap. We arrive in Firenze a bit past 2:00. I check my email from my new B&B to make sure I know where to head once I hit the station. Roberto has given perfect directions and I arrive at my new albergo with ease.

So this place has 7 rooms I think. With budget in mind, I chose the smallest room with a private bath down the hall. The price was just too good to pass up….but it will take some getting use to.
Here is my room, Room 6.


I am taking these photos squished back in the corner…kinda piccolo. I will say the bed seems more comfortable than the last. At least when I sat on it, the opposite corners did not come up…
Now, I am sure you are asking yourself, “Where are those photos of the bathroom?” “Paige knows we like to check out the bathrooms.” Well, there is not room for both me AND the camera in the bathroom, and since I do not have some sort of remote…..I’ll just have to draw you a mental picture..
OK, first of all, it is piccolo, piccolo. Second of all, it does not have a window or fan or ANY type of ventilation in it….so it is a bit…stuffy. The shower….shower seems to be an afterthought. The doors of the shower open on one of the corners…they open no more than the width of my two hands, thumb to thumb and wide open….I know….I “measured”.
Now, if the alarm sounds…do not come running…it is just that I have gotten that little cord with the red tab on the end of it that all Italian hotels are required to have in the shower, caught….somewhere.
This bathroom has no extras, no shampoo, no soap, no white grout… just the bare necessities.
When I enter the bathroom, it reminds me of some place, but I can’t quite figure out what or where it is, then later, it hits me. You know those bathrooms, strangely placed, in old hospitals…that when you go in…it kinda gives you the creeps? That’s it!!! That’s MY bathroom.
Anyway, enough about that…
Once I get settled, I ask Roberto for an iron, do a bit of housework…

20130709-232947.jpg and I am set for the next 10 or so days.

I decide it is time to go out and check out the neighborhood.

20130709-233122.jpg This is my doorway…I get to buzz myself in again…

20130709-233157.jpg This is my street…

20130709-233219.jpg These are some cool fountains…

20130709-233247.jpg And this is where I start to get a bit overwhelmed.
I have not eaten since this morning, I am tired, I am hungry, I am disoriented…And I do NOT like all these “salesman”.
I walk a bit more, peering around a corner and I see

20130709-233514.jpg The Duomo and the Baptistry…
I kid you not, from a distance, it looks like a painting. Especially the section on the left, the furthest away….It looked like a set painting…it was quite an odd sensation.
At this point, my head is spinning more….I hate being in a city and not using every moment of my time to explore, but I think the best thing for me to do, is return to my street, find something to eat, go back to my room, prepare for tomorrow and go to bed.

I find some comfort food right outside my door. I know these look like ravioli but she said they are tortellini…although she called them something else, but sounded almost the same. They were stuffed with potatoes and cheese. Like I said, comfort food. I enjoyed a glass of the house rossa and for dessert,

20130709-234505.jpg Panna Cotta…so so good! I think I scratched the plate getting every last drop.

20130709-234607.jpg This is the restaurant.

20130709-234632.jpg This is the distance between my table and my albergo. So, it’s as easy as through my gate,

Up my steps,


Punch in my code…

And then, night night….

2 thoughts on “Addio Monterosso, Ciao Firenze

  1. I love this post. I love reading them all, but these last two are especially sweet- and fun- and very “companionable!”. I’m not sure there is such a word, but it felt that way to me. I remember seeing those 2 incredible buildings. Thank you for taking me there again.
    P.S. thanks for reminding me you have 10 more days- I am not ready to “go home!”

  2. It is funny that you keyed in on the number of days. During this trip I barely know what day it is, but this morning I actually looked my calendar and although I want to see my family, I got sad that there are fewer days left than I have enjoyed thus far.

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