Un’altra Domenica la Spiaggia

With my last day at Hotel Margherita, the wifi was very spotty. So I am a bit behind.
The last day in Monterosso was definitely dolce amaro. I love this place. Its beauty leaves me shaking my head, without words to describe or an adequate memory to soak every last detail in. But on my own, I am ready to move on. I will, no doubt, return to this unique spot on the Italian Rivera, but next time, with family.
I am window shopped out and walked out, so today, like the locals, I head to the beach.

Breakfast(ish) along the way.

20130708-152200.jpg I guess this means she can teach you to swim like a dolphin…

20130708-152235.jpg Gearing up for Sunday Family Dinner…

I loved listening in as the dad tries to persuade the boys to swim to him. I wish I could share this photo with them.

20130708-152427.jpg Off they go.
If you haven’t noticed, I turned right at the ocean instead of my usual “free beach” left. I decide if I am going to make a day of it, I will need some shade. So I head through the tunnel to the new end of town.

As I consider my choices from a higher vantage point, this guy….and his shadow…catch my eye. This cracked me up…Again, I bet he would like this portrait. He was quite a ways away on the rocks, so I had to zoom in.

20130708-152821.jpg Popular idea.

So I go to the private beach. I look around for someone to talk to or pay…I see no one. I walk in, slowly, hugging the back edge, I try to figure out what to do. I know the rocks are public and that this beach butts right up to them…so I head that way. I figure I can use the rocks for my excuse for trespassing. As I walk, I try to watch others as to what to do (I do a lot of that here in Italy). I still see no attendant, no markings on chairs that show payment…so I find an empty chair near the rocks….
I kinda just stand, snapping a few photos before I get ousted. But no one comes. I perch on the side edge of a chair….no sirens sound….
After a few minutes, I sit fully on the chair, and after a few minutes more..I take my towel out…
I consider that maybe it is a “Free Sunday”, nevertheless, I start to enjoy my spot and relax.

Next to me there is a youngish dad and his daughter, although I cannot understand much of what they say, the routine is familiar…..so, so cute.

As he read the paper, her would interject, “bello, che è così bello” every few moments. She was allowed to wash his hands and feet but would get scolded when she braved more.

20130708-153559.jpg This made me ache for my babies!

What a perfect choice for my last day…
“Ticket?!” brought me back to reality….
I jump up, grab my purse and try to pay for my spot.
“non siamo completamente pieno!”….Well, yea, you’re full because I am in this great chair…but alas….

No more “Eden” for me.

I look at the bright side, I got a good hour there before being discovered….and speaking of that, I have no idea how they keep track…they are good.
So, I walk back to my side of town and “my” free beach.

It is quite crowded today, but I find a spot near the water to plop down.

I make quite a haul and yes Ann, I can share!
After a while, I start to get hungry. People around me are bringing back picnics. Some just leave their towels and return… others send a scout.
I am just a bit too nervous to leave my cool orange Hotel Margherita towel (which by the way, I would LOVE to swipe…but the Ferrari says NO), so I gather up and head to a market.
When I return, I enjoy my feast!


20130708-154504.jpg This really thin stuff is not focaccia, but whatever it is (yes Daddy I asked, but they speak kinda rapido around here) it is fantistico!! Oily, salty, crunchy…a wonderful trinity for me!
After lunch, I read a bit, and then can just not handle anymore. My 2nd seating is a bit further from the water and I am not comfortable leaving my bag to take a dip in the water.


On my way back to the hotel, I find another job I believe I would be qualified for

Later that evening, I buy a bottle of wine from Lorenzo

I went in to buy a piccolo bottle, but he enjoys telling me about, and giving me samples of, everything else he has. Lorenzo is from the Amalfi. He has restaurants in Milano. He is here to open this shop this past year.

He is VERY proud of all his products and is so disappointed when he learns I am leaving tomorrow. “Why you did-a not come-a in earlier? So you-a could-a tried-a everything.” He says, “Oh well, America is close-a, no? Right around the corner-a.” I give him a strange look. Many have said America is close, I guess compared to Australia. When he sees my look he says, “Eeeta is a L O N G corner though-a , no?”
Anyway, if you’re in Monterosso, check in with Lorenzo early…lesson learned.

I roam a bit more.



This little church is in the new part of town. I fell in love with these wonderful ceramic Saints adorning the doors. It said they were created by a famous artist and for his payment he wanted Sunday mass to be celebrated there weekly.

My last evening looks much like my first. I go down to the pier and sit.

To my right…

20130708-160028.jpg I’m fittn’ right in.
As I enjoy my last stroll through town, I stop where a concert is being held.
Opera in the streets of Monterosso…Not a bad ending.


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