quarto felice di luglio

This being the first 4th of July I can EVERY remember of not being with friends and family, I came up with my own way to celebrate the RED, WHITE & BLUE….
A photo scavenger hunt of course….
20130704-224713.jpg I started in my own room…
And then hit the streets…20130704-225309.jpg and ELEPHANTS to boot!20130704-225344.jpg20130704-225404.jpg20130704-225415.jpg20130704-225427.jpg20130704-225439.jpg20130704-225447.jpg Don’t make fun, it was still early in the game…20130704-225530.jpg20130704-225540.jpg20130704-225548.jpg I know…Right!?!!20130704-225613.jpg20130704-225627.jpg 20130704-225653.jpg20130704-225704.jpg20130704-225713.jpg Awww, come on! There’s some blue in those rocks somewhere!
20130704-225752.jpg The red one looked redder when it was wet. But blue sea glass, huh!!?!!


Extra points for the red hair and white skin…20130704-230412.jpg Love this one!20130704-230441.jpg20130704-230448.jpg Allora!20130704-230554.jpg20130704-230600.jpg20130704-230607.jpg20130704-230615.jpg20130704-230625.jpg 20130704-230640.jpg Same guy, different bench. I like this one too!

20130704-230750.jpg My nod to the U S of A.

20130704-230828.jpg Game over….

Happy 4th!!

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