Domenica a Sorrento

Sunday, in most places, is a day to relax, a day to be with family. Here in Sorrento, that is no different.
I woke slowly this morning knowing the only item on my agenda was to eat, lunch or dinner, at Trattoria da Emilia. Waking at B&B Belvedere is much like waking in a home. You hear clanking of dishes, conversations (albeit in a number of languages), the smell of coffee. I lay there just enjoying listening to others begin their day. When I do emerge from Room 4, I am greeted in the kitchen by Ian and Mary; a couple from Australia that I met on the roof last night. They are about my parent’s ageish and very friendly. I was also finally introduced to Alfonso, the proprietor of this B&B. Alfonso is personable and very loud. Or maybe it is just my name that booms in an unfamiliar way off the italian tongue. PAJJJ. Anyway, Alfonso asked me if everything about the B&B and Sorrento itself was to my liking. I shared with him a few of my escapades and also mentioned Pizzeria da Franco. “Oh…thees-a eees-a our number one!” I tell him it is my number one too! For a leisurely Sunday, Alfonso suggested to both Ian and Mary and myself, that we visit Peter’s Beach…”Theesa-ees-a my beach.” he declares.
After a quick cappuccino from the kitchen…

20130630-221958.jpg I’m off.

Peter’s beach is reached by taking a lift from the terrace you saw me standing by yesterday. Although I arrived early, the area was already buzzing with both tourist and locals.
This time, I bite the bullet and pay 17 euro for a chair on the furthest pier and an umbrella. Walking and window shopping again today does not interest me, so this is a nice way to relax somewhere besides my room or the roof.

I love these little cabanas where you can change. There are rows and rows of similar ones locals rent. They use them to store their beach necessities during the summer months.



20130630-222619.jpg My view looking up at the terrace.

20130630-222653.jpg Vesuvio in the distance.

Thank goodness the young local’s hangout is separated by a cove of water. There are constant shouts of “oooohhhhh! aaaaahhhhhh!” as they try to impress by diving from the pier.

Fredda di cocco fresco an unexpected treat.


I enjoy several hours on the pier; people watching and reading my book. I am reading “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern. Although unrelated to travel at this point, there was a passage that I felt applied to me and this adventure-

“It was something to be explored. He investigated it the best he could although he was woefully unprepared. He did not know what tents to choose out of the dozens of options, each with tantalizing signs hinting the contents. And every turn he took through the twisting striped pathways led to more tents, more signs, more mysteries.”

As I left the spiaggia, it was overflowing with sun and fun seekers.





20130630-224530.jpg My little spot was totally worth the 17 eruo!

Now time for lunch!

20130630-224659.jpg Finally, Emilia’s.

20130630-224721.jpg Gnocchi di Mamma

Although lower key in the fishing village, locals are still out enjoying a family day.



20130630-225008.jpg I was trying to be sneaky taking this sun god’s photo. He’s obviously out…all out….a lot!

20130630-225122.jpg There are carts and carts overflowing with fishing nets.

20130630-225215.jpg Lest you forget.

After lunch, I walked and walked. Soccer seemed to be the focus of many. Italy vs Uruguay was written outside many bars.
After my walk, I took the time to gather my thoughts and paperwork for tomorrow’s departure.

In the evening I walked Piazza Tasso one last time and ended up at Pizzeria da Franco (go figure). I ordered a small pizza to go. One last evening on the rooftop. The murmur of the piazza crowd was punctuated by shouts and car horns presumably when Italy scored a goal.



2 thoughts on “Domenica a Sorrento

  1. Paige…..Mom and Dad were over for dinner and I shared your blog with them. My Dad was absolutely amazed!!!! He wrote you a note and I told him I would type it in a comment for him……
    I am visiting Sue today and had the pleasure to review the pictures of your trip. I touched briefly on parts of your comments, but came to the conclusion, if I read them all I would have to stay the night. Your pictures are beautiful and they convey your joy of which you see. I am amazed!

    • Sue,
      This is the sweetest response ever. I am touched on many levels. 1- that you are reading the blog 2- that you shared it with your famiglia and 3- that your Dad wanted to share with me. It truly made my day. Grazie mille!!

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