Mia Figlia e la Mia Città

For nights now, I have woken up smiling knowing that Avery was soon to arrive. This was a big decision for her use work days and expense to join me for a bit. 

Avery, Dalton, Nonnie and myself came to France and Italy in Summer 2008. They enjoyed the experience very much but didn’t have the strong desire to study abroad during college or return with friends. I think Dalton is more my out of the country traveler, but golf kept him busy during the first half + of his college years. 

Her flight did not arrive until 2:00ish so I went to mass before her arrival. 

I tidy up the appartamento making sure to share 1/2 the space (and half the A/C), then go out to the stoop and wait in anticipation. 

When she arrives, she is “thrilled” I am there to document.

Her flight went well except for the fact that a girl behind her was throwing up the entire trip. She thought about moving seats but as she had an empty seat beside her, she decided this could be the lesser of two evils. 

I showed her around our appartamento for the next four nights, then. Edited she could get too comfortable, I told her it would be best for us to walk and see a bit before resting. 


Avery has never been to Firenze so we did the big loop, Santo Spirito to Saint Mark’s weaving in and out as we walked. 

There are certain places I want her to see and experience. I feel a bit like a broken record because it was basically the same agenda for Danita. 

As we approach Pugi, I think and say, ” it could quite possibly closed today since it is Sunday. Sure enough, it was. I share a bit of history of Saint Mark’s and then we roam to Le Menagere for her first Spritz. 

The heat is something you just do not get used to, at least being from the USA, enjoying the respite of hopping from true A/C to true A/C. Here even places that “have” A/C….well, you know. 

We sit enjoying our refreshing Spritz as we sweat out as much liquid as we take in. To keep our energy up, Avery orders a piece of torta di carote…good call. 

The traveler she is, she pushes through the jet lag, conserving energy where she can. 

We wind our way back across the Arno taking in the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio as we go. I don’t push these sights too much because when I look through someone else’s occhi, I get the same sensation as my very first “drop in” visit with Mom and Jim…and my memories were not good ones. It is crowded, hot and feels very much like an amusement park. 

When we cross the fiume, we returned to the appartamento for a little rest. Tonight, we are meeting the Girls from Georgia for aun bicchiere di vino a little Santino. 

I cannot believe I did not document our evening with our nuova amica. I think it was all going so well and conversation so natural, I completely forgot.  

After sharing bella bottiglia di vino rosso toscano, kiss, kiss and part ways. There is certainly something to be said of Southerners and their hospitality. 

Avery and I stroll around the corner to Piazza Santo Spirito for dinner. In 2015 I had a gnocchi at Osteria Santo Spirito and wished for my kids. I am happy to share this with Avery on her prima notte a Firenze. 

Gnocchi con quattro formaggi e olio di tartufo e Risotti con zucchine. 

Buona notte. 

4 thoughts on “Mia Figlia e la Mia Città

  1. I just received this post! Days with no story from you I thought you had blocked me and I was crushed! So happy you have your best friend with you…and that red purse!!!! To die for.

    • Don’t be sciocco Carolyn. Wifi has been an issue and I have also been malato for a couple of days. I went to the medici this morning in
      Monterosso. I’m hoping these antibiotics kick in soon. I think I have strep, but the medici did not understand what I was trying to communicate. Lesson learned…pack medicine.

  2. Love that Avery has joined you! Let the adventure continue & don’t forget the visit to DAVID!! Hugs to both of you! Hope you are feeling better!

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