Exploring Positano

My final day in Positano is solo. I have no plans I just decide to write and roam. 

I’ve had some great uffici, but this is my favorite yet. 

As Franco would say, the views here “crazy” me. 

Danita left a dress she bought here for me to enjoy, so after completing a post, I slip it on and slip out. 

No clue where I am headed, but I have not ventured up past last night’s restaurant. Andiamo!

Each twist and turn affords the most amazing views. In my head, all day, I kept saying, “I am crazied by this.”  I am not sure if it because I had no one to say it aloud to or being solo, you soak things in more. No matter the reason, Positano is simply breathtaking. 

I had noticed earlier there was a chiesa high up (see it with it’s duomo) we had not gotten to. Today’s the day. 

Oh gee look…altri passi…

Often in life, we are rewarded for our efforts.   You’ll see this piccolo piece of mosaic gracing mi casa walls soon. 

Well I reached the top and wouldn’t you know…chiuso. 

 Even if every chiesa and shop were closed today (as many are because it is Domenica and there is a festival tonight up the mountain), here, there is plenty to take in. 

And plenty of choices of places to roam. Having a car along the Amalfi would be quite an adventure!

Loved this shop…and the owner sleeping amidst the chaos. I just knew when I took the photo he would open un occhio…ma no. (I thought Tricia would especially like this one. I could hear her laugh as I snapped.)

This may be my fotographia preferita…Così italiano.

On the way down, I stop in to a spot Danita and I eyed yesterday.  From wares to decor to food, here, everything is done right. 

Still a bit bummed I didn’t drive a Fiat while here. Anyone interested in cooperative investment?

On my way back to the room, I grab dolce. Aren’t these so pretty!? And only 1€ each. A Positano deal for sure!

Inspired by the shop owner, I return to la terrazzo for a rest. 

After a little writing and a little resting, I repack readying myself for tomorrow’s departure. 

I decide to return to where we had dinner last night to enjoy a Bicchiere di vino rosso e tramonto. 

Tonight I chat with a young couple from New York on their honeymoon. Today they rented a kayak and made their way around the coastline. On my list when I return. 

Buona Notte Positano!

1 thought on “Exploring Positano

  1. I have always wanted to go to Positano and now I feel that I have been! A Chamber of Commerce couldn’t have done it better! You gave me an ache in my heart for a place I have never been. So beautiful – the beach, the food, the views and the shops. Crazy good!

    You know me well. When I read, “Loved this shop” I stopped reading and naturally scrolled down to the pic to have a look. I cracked up when I saw the man napping. It struck me as funny for many reasons. I almost didn’t see him for all of the stuff! Then, I immediately thought of him as Kramer. Can’t you just picture a friend asking Kramer to watch their shop and him saying, “Sure, buddy,” and the next scene is him sleeping amongst the treasures? How do you say Kramer in Italian?😄

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