Benvenuto Danita!

The Tuscan sun is up, my amica has arrived…all is good in Italia.

Brava to Danita! She did her homework. When she texted saying, “Do you know where I am? I have no freakin idea where I am!” She sent me the address and was literally a block down. I am at 26, she at 14. A meraviglioso inizio!

Within an hour, (a Firenze First I believe), Danita had bought some strappy scarpe and we were on our way to Pugi.


Danita is not one to stray from her healthy diet, but spoiler alert….we return!

Before she arrived, I made a little list highlights we could hit. After all, I only have a day and a half to get her to fall in love with mi citta. On that list was seeing The David (hey Sheryl!). So andiamo to Galleria Accademia. My intent was for us simply to do a reconnaissance run. You know, scope out the line. Make her aware of ticket cost. That sort of thing. We approach this common sight.

At about the time I was explaining ticket prices and what we would see inside, a guy approaches in a white shirt and red tie. “Hello Ladies, do you wish to see the David?” However did you know?! Medium story short, before I could say Buonorroti, Danita had purchased due biglietti from the street guy and we were being ushered to the front of no line….in we went.





Seeing this work of art is an experience that is not dulled by frequency. Created 1501-1504, out of Carrara marble, David stands 17 feet tall. This beauty at the hands of a 26 year old. I recently read Michelangelo had created a wax model of the statue. He laid it on his side and submerged it in water. As he sculpted, he would drain a bit of the water allowing an inch or so of the wax to be exposed. With this method, he approached his masterpiece detail by detail.

“Worth every euro.” -Danita Jarreau

We are fairly close to the Mercator Centrale, so I take her for a quick spin through. I am aware the REAL market is closed already, but am hopping we will return tomorrow morning. What cook can come to Firenze without witnessing the magic of the market?

Next, we roam…and are rewarded. We stumble across Le Menagere.




We are drawn in by the same feel as citta Artigianale…clean, crisp, urban and hip…ok, and we are tired, hot and thirsty.

At this point, Danita has yet to enjoy a Spritz. Even at my casa in Texas, she says she’s never had one. Well…I can fix that.

“Due Spritz, per favore.” “Espresso?” “Si…I mean No…SPRITZ”, “Ah…Spritz”. “Uhm…Si”. “One momento.”

“Vale ogni momento.” -Paige Conn


So happy to have two of my migliori amici meet.

This Spritz was not only il piu bello crafted I have ever seen, it was also the most wonderfully refreshing. We sat all proud with our works of art at the bar. Other women would come up to the bar and order a Spritz, the bartender would sling some ice, Aperol, Prosecco and club soda in to a glass…and then shove an orange slice in. The disappointed customer would look over at our glasses with severe Spritz Envy. Most would just slump and sigh and walk off with their lesser Spritz. But there was one lady who was not to be slighted. She stood there, pointed at ours and said, “What about my cucumber?” The bartender looked at her and said, “Cosa?” “Cucumber. (Pointing) I’d like cucumber.” The young bartender smiled accommodatingly. The woman had a moment of triumph…then he grabbed a black straw and stuck it in her drink. “Ecco”. Another woman’s Spritz dreams dashed.

This made ours all the sweeter…certo!

After seeing how aptly our bartender used a bar spoon…I needed one. Off to Bartolini. And yep…they had just what the bartender ordered.

Il milo cucchiaio l u n g o…It is going to make some magic!

Back to the appartamento for a little rest before…ok, let’s be honest…before we drink again.

At sette, we have reservations at Le Volpi e L’Uva. Danita is having a bit of a time getting use to the pace of the Italian waiter. Thing just don’t click along like she’s used to. We are in no hurry I assure her. Our next appointment, sunset.



Traveling with others can be tricky. But we’ve decided as long as we get a few particulars out of the way ahead of time…all should be bene. First, where Paige takes buses or let’s say walks miles (uphill) to a spot…when Danita says no, (and as we all know…she is certainly no slouch to exercise…just not the euro pincher I am) the answer is no…same in English and Italian, so…No means No.

So it is a cab ride up to Piazzale Michelangelo joining the throngs of people to watch the sun go slowly down.


This is my third visit to this vantage point…each time the vista is beautifully unique.

The Tuscan sun has set on giorno uno of Paige and Danita’s Italian Adventure, but not before a bicchiere o due di vino a La Loggia- Mangiare Con Gli Occhi e Buona Notte!

3 thoughts on “Benvenuto Danita!

  1. Tom and I saw David way back in 1971 or 72. He is still in fine shape. What a beautiful Spritz! I don’t blame the woman for wanting the same. I think you two stole the bartenders heart- I would go back there often if I were you!

  2. I was certain your story of tickets purchased from a stranger was going to end the same as when you and I did so to get into The Met in NYC, haha. I was pleasantly surprised that this time it worked! Brava! And to the front of the line no less.
    I had a spritz this evening when Jim and I went to dinner. Thousands of miles away from you yet it made me feel connected to you. Just like your blog…

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