Mapping it Out

I finally broke down and spent 2.5 euro on a map of Firenze.  I was hesitant to buy one because I was on the lookout for something unique…  Oh well, once I get through scribbling on it…it I’ll be unique.

I am currently taking a Map Making Klass through SketchbookSkool online.  I look forward to creating a really one-of-a-kind one of Firenze, and my entire trip, when I return home.

After working on the blog all morning, I am a bit hungry so what do you say we start with some cibo from the hood.


Each time I step out into the stairway of my appartamento, I smile.  You can usually hear musica coming from a neighbor or Italian TV show playing, or just conversation.  I find it funny that things that would no doubt get on my nerves at home, here I find endearing.


In 2015, one of my last meals in Firenze was my most memorable.  I had the gnocchi at Osteria Santo Spirito.  While I was enjoying it, I so wished for Avery and Dalton, feeling a bit guilty eating something I knew they would love.  Today, I am headed back to Osteria Santo Spirito but I am going to wait to get the gnocchi until Avery is here with me.  I tried to eat there the other night, but the wait was 2 hours.  I am thinking lunch is a better choice.  First, the crowd should be less and second, I will have the rest of the day to walk off the pasta.

I arrive and all the tavoli outside are taken, but there is plenty of room inside.


I am pretty sure I already know what I am going to order, but looking over the piatti della  giornata is encouraged.  I loved the pici Cacio e Pepe so much the other night at Tamero and with it being a special of the day here, my decision is made.

I ask the girl if I can get a mezzo ordine, but she says no.  That settles it, nothing extra…just the pici.


When the piatto arrives, I am surprised because she had assured me it wasn’t a very big portion.   I did however, eat almost the entire serving!  Molto Buono.


I had a bicchiere del vino bianco della casa with my pasta.  Afterwards, I finished up with an espresso and a bottle of water.  While I was there, I made reservations for Avery and myself in July…outside table this time.


The Basilica di Santo Spirito is at the top of the piazza.  I feel embarrassed to say I do not always remember which chiesas I have visited before.  I think it is because during previous visits, I cram as much in each day as I can and it all runs together.  I do remember visting Santo Spirito in 2013.  My bicicletta tour stopped in the piazza for gelato and our guide let us jump in for a minute if we wanted.

The other night, I put a picture of the chiesa  on the post, so I did not include one this time.  Although it has a very simple facade, the interior is an outstanding example of Renaissance architecture.


The artwork housed here is impressive as well.  Michelangelo and Lippi are two of the heavy hitters represented.

And lest you think the Medicis did not have their balls in this court as well…Spotting the Medici coat of arms in Firenze is a fun and rewarding pastime.  This one is located in the ceiling of a side room off the courtyard.


Photographs are not allowed inside the chiesa, but the interior’s size and impressiveness is a secret kept by the simple exterior.  As I wound my way through the main church, admiring capella after capella, I found Saint Rita in a very prominent spot towards the back.  Near her statue and painting,  was a little table set  with prayer cards and tiny little devotional books.  I had only seen one other like it in the entire Chiesa.  I found this very special and touching.  I made a donation and will be bringing them home.  Before I left, I also bought a candle up front and returned to Saint Rita adding our family intentions to the flame.


In the piazza, I had admired numerous versions of the Holy Spirit or Santo Spirito on flags, stained glass, doors, etc.  This one was sold in the Chiesa bookstore, so added a couple with Saint Rita.


I never tire of the variety of Street Art you can find in Firenze.  Here are just a few that caught my eye today.

As I was heading to do my passeggiata at ZARA, I decided to pop into Chiesa Santa Felicita to visit once again Pontormo’s The Deposition from the Cross.  I was disappointed to see it was being restored so not on view.  However, upside was that there was a sign that said there was a free concert in an hour.  I like music, I love free…so I sat down, opened my sketchbook and waited.


It seems to be a trend that I am ending my evenings with beautiful lullabys.

More candles, more prayers.


Althought I was Oltrarno at San Felicita, I do another spin over the Arno before going back to th appartamento for the night.  And right now, I cannot remember why, but I went into the Palazzo Vecchio…when there is not someone barring the door…I’m gonna try it.  Anyway, I go in, go up a few flights of stairs and see a sign for a Tower Tour.  This really piques my Medici interest.  Molto, molto happened here for many a Medici.  I finally find someone still at work.  He politely let’s me know all is chiuso.  Before I leave, he allows me to purchase a biglietto to tour tomorrow.

Perfetto!  Tomorrow…To the Top!


Still bummed about the 17euro spent on my taxi last night, I absorb a bit of it by buying a bag of chips at my corner store and staying in.

Buon Appetito!


1 thought on “Mapping it Out

  1. I can’t wait to be there with you!!! That pasta looked amazing, and no doubt I will love the gnocchi! So happy to see you happy, and all of the pretty scenery and artwork.

    LOVEYOU and MISSYOU xoxo

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