Una Buona Giornata

After the Papal Audience my pace slowed and my frustration with the streets eased up. Here in Roma, it seems as if every block has a different name…which makes navigating, for me at least, molto difficile. For only being here 2 days, I have walked in many circles.

Piazza Navona was hot and populated mostly by venders selling their (or someone’s) wares. I found one actual artist that I liked very much. I was just not ready to commit this early on my 1 fabulous piece of art to buy.

A short, yet winding walk away, the Pantheon. Each time I visit, the grandeur of the front portal contrasting with the roughness of the remainder of the building, strikes me.


After a bit of a rest, an afternoon pick me got me going again.
Ricardo, the owner of my B&B shared a restaurant recommendation, and with a couple of hours to spare before dinner, I just roamed.

I cannot tell you what it is like to turn a corner and be surprised by a sight like this one. Look very closely at the end of the street. You almost have to pinch yourself as a reminder that this is real and not a backdrop.


The Forum, I believe, is my favorite spot in Roma. I am fascinated to imagine the spirits that linger.


So far, if I could bring back a really cool piece of Roma, I think I would choose one of these. Each time I pass one, I just love it! I need to put my hillcountryhousegirl on the trail. If anyone could find one…I bet it’s Ann.
The sun began to set and the streets and sidewalk cafes began to fill with a different crowd.
As I walked by one small, outdoor restaurant, the sound of an accordion completed the picture.
A few blocks later, I walked by these guys. As I walked past, I loved the idea that they were slowly gearing up for work; completing that picture of a perfect Italian evening. I am learning that regret for not taking a photo is worse than any embarrassment I might cause myself by asking permission to photograph someone. In this case, they were even more tickled at the thought than I was! I think I made their night.

Dinner at the recommended restaurant was wonderful. But the neon light of the pizzeria by my B&B caught my eye again.

A slice of tarta de nonna was a sweet ending to a molto bene day.

**Check out my instagram at paigetcinitalia for a bit more** and if you can figure out how on earth those guys in orange do it….do tell!

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