Primo Giorno – Roma

roaming 5,812.8 miles

Arriving at the airport I was quickly and soundly reminded that any pathetic attempt I had made in the last couple of years to learn any Italian was silly!
Sure, I can pick out a word here and there, but the speed in which they parlare makes my head spin!
I actually think this is a fun diversion for them…saying crazy, nonsense things to Americans as we say “grazie, si, Si, grazie” and walk off .


My poor wheels. Not sure what I will do on Sunday.

My cool and cozy room.

Fontana di Trevi
And yes, I threw a coin in.


Where I picked up my biglietto for the Papal Audience.

My first Caprese. And Pasta Carbonara from La Carbonara.

And of course a wise traveler always scopes out a spot for domani!

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