To the Big City

roaming 238 miles

Picasso Exhibit

Just on the road for a quick shot of culture.  Picasso Black and White is a current exhibit at The Museum of Fine Arts Houston.  Picasso declares color a weakness.  This major exhibition focuses on the artist’s lifelong exploration of a black and white palette.  Paintings, sculptures and sketches are showcased in this exclusive venue.

The visual experience is stunning but choosing the audio to accompany you throughout the exhibit helps to create a more complete and more personal experience.  Hearing his daughter, Maya, share her fondness for her father is endearing.

Of course another highlight of Houston is the wonderful food.  Friday evening we  tried a new spot, Bistro Provence on Memorial Drive.  They had me at Bonsoir.  The food was very good, the ambiance was cozy and French, the service attentive.

Bistro Provence

And when in the Museum District, we just cannot seem to pass up Niko Niko’s on Montrose.  With the long line that always greets us there, others feel the same way.

Gyro at its best!

The weather Saturday evening was perfect for roaming Highland Village.  A late dessert was worth the wait at SWEET in City Center.




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  1. Howdy bloggy buddy! I couldn’t find your classroom blog, so I thought I’d just catch you here. I have been coming across some other art teachers’ blogs, so I thought I’d share them with you.

    Also, we need to find a way for people to be able to join/follow your blog, so that when you create new posts, your followers will automatically get an update or notice that you have new stuff they should check out.

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